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Danish Modular Systems
Danish Modular Systems provides pre-engineered, prefabricated building solutions to the global market from its headquarters in Denmark.

Danish Modular Systems also manufactures and sells modular building solutions in Africa through its subsidiary DMS-Africa Ltd. 

We are, therefore, able to service our customers with modular building solutions wherever they need them and always from a factory close to the delivery location to minimise the logistic cost and to provide a best value option.

Danish Modular Systems is, however, much more than a hardware supplier. We are able to project-manage a programe from design to installation and commisioning.

The ability to supply and provide customers with the best value solution is a trademark of our company. We work closely with our customers to deliver on time and on budget what is required and what is expected by our customers, wherever we are working.

Danish Modular Systems further specialises in assisting companies from outside Scandinavia who want to compete for government contracts in this region.

Danish Modular Systems is truly customer focused and will work with clients to ensure all needs are fully satisfied in terms of delivery, capability and budget.

Modular buildings

Ease and speed of installation are essential to the turnkey aspect of temporary and semipermanent buildings. Modular offices from Danish Modular Systems permit many different configurations, from single office buildings to large, integrated facilities. Our structures can readily be stacked to three high for maximum use of available floor space.

Steel Frame Panel Buildings

Steel Frame panel buildings are an ideal building solution for a variety of sectors, from residential housing to healthcare and student accommodation.

Light steel frame has an incredible strength to weight ratio which makes it the ideal material for a load-bearing structural frame.
As in our modular buildings solutions, the steel frame buildings are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment before parts are shipped and installed on site, rapidly with a uniform quality from building to building.

Schools and Clinics

Continuously development of all elements of modular buildings, high quality materials and excellent construction guarentee that modules from Danish Modular Systems undoubtly represent the right choice for fast, attractive and user friendly solutions for semipermanent schools, hospitals and clinics.

By complexing the standard units from Danish Modular Systems an unlimited number of building solutions are possible.
Danish Modular Systems can customise a building to meet your available footprint and design the building appearance in numerous ways externally and internally by using the wide range of colours and structural panels available.


Any medium to long-term construction activity, aid, or military peacekeeping mission will require an installation of camp facilities such as toilets, showers, accommodations, dining facility, offices, social areas and warehouses.

We understand that extended periods of living and working inside a camp area require the provision of various types of spaces that ensure maximum comfort. Danish Modular Systems considers all these requirements when we design a camp to our customers.