Pre-engineered modular

building solutions

Danish Modular Systems provides pre-engineered modular building solutions to the market from its headquarters in Denmark, and through a well established dealer network in Northern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Danish Modular Systems also manufactures and sells modular building solutions in Africa through its subsidiary DMS-Africa Ltd.



Versatile and cost effective constructions

Danish Modular Systems is official distributor of Trimo in Scandinavia, Greenland and Iceland and manufactures and sells our own designed modular buildings in Africa through DMS Africa ApS.


Danish Modular Systems can also support our customers with modular buildings in Middle East and Africa through established partnerships with other modular housing manufacturers.


DMS Africa’s containerized accommodation and offices are excellent products and the result of many years of experience of supplying the commercial market with products that demands comfort, durability and ease of use. Considerable design efforts over the years has ensured that the traditional problems often associated with living and working in containers have been eliminated.


Today DMS Africa’s products in its design and durability often exceeds other and more permanent structures, which makes them a perfect choice for offices, schools, kindergartens and even exhibition spaces.


Main benefits of choosing a modular building from us are:



Ease and speed of installation are essential to the turnkey aspect of temporary and semi permanent offices. Modular offices from Danish Modular Systems permits many different configurations, from single office buildings to large, integrated facilities. Our structures can readily be stacked to two high for maximum use of available floor space.

We do have an understanding of the office environment of workflow dynamics within individual departments and workgroups.



For motels, hotels, shops etc.

By combining the standard units from Danish Modular Systems an unlimited number of building solutions are possible. Modules can be stacked and positioned in endless rows lengthwise, sideways or in any other configuration that meets your unique building requirements.


Danish Modular Systems can customize a building to meet your available footprint and design the building appearance in numerous ways externally and internally by using the wide range of colors and structural panels available.


Camp Facilities​

Any medium to long-term construction activity or peacekeeping military mission will require installation of camp facilities such as toilets, showers, accommodation, dining facility, offices and social areas.


We understand that extended periods of living and working inside a camp area require the provision of various types of spaces that ensure maximum comfort. Danish Modular Systems considers all these requirements when we design a camp to our customers.


Tens of thousands of people have lived and worked in modular buildings from our partner companies, and the range of flexible facilities are developed all the time in a close cooperation between Danish Modular Systems and our partners.

Special Modular


Ask us for any requirement you might have to a building. You might be surprised what a modular building from Danish Modular Buildings can be turned into.


Schools and kindergartens

Continuous development of all elements of modular buildings, high quality materials and excellent construction guarantee that modules from Danish Modular Systems undoubtedly represents the right choice for fast, attractive and user friendly solutions for semi permanent kindergartens and schools.